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Special Forces T-Shirt Green Beret Cadence CD

The United States Army Special Forces also known by the nickname Green Berets or simply Special Forces (capitalized) is a Special Operations Force of the U.S. Army trained for unconventional warfare and special operations. Aaron Bank founded the force and their official headgear is the green beret, thanks to the efforts of an early officer, Edson Raff. Their official motto is De oppresso liber ("To liberate the oppressed"). A completely new recruit to the United States Army, who has signed on for the special forces, starts his (all United States Special Forces are closed to females) training in Fort Benning, Georgia. This consists of basic training and Infantry training combined in a 14 week course. After graduation, he moves to Airborne training, which lasts for 3 weeks. Upon graduation from Airborne school the potential Special Forces Soldier is next shipped to Fort Bragg, North Carolina for Phase I, the SFAS course, a preparation course which lasts twenty four days. If the potential recruit makes it past this stage, he usually returns to his previous unit to await a class date to begin the Special Forces Qualification Course ("Q Course"). Afterwards, recruits usually attend the Primary Leadership Development Course/Basic Non-Commissioned Officer's Course at Camp Mackall before officially beginning Phase II, a five-week block of instruction in Small Unit Tactics. In late 2005, three weeks of SERE training was integrated into an expanded Phase II curriculum, and follows immediately upon successful completion of the Small Unit Tactics phase. The recruit then ships back to Fort Bragg for Phase III of the Q course, where he trains within one of five specialties within special forces, those being: 18A, Detachment Commander; 18B, SF Weapons Sergeant; 18C, SF Engineer Sergeant; 18D, SF Medical Sergeant; and 18E, SF Communications Sergeant. 18A-C training courses are 14 weeks long, 18D training course is 46 weeks long, and 18E is 14 weeks long. Upon graduation the soldier attends Robin Sage, a large-scale unconventional warfare exercise (Phase IV) and language school (Phase V) before being awarded the Special Forces tab. Soldiers who successfully complete SFAS and who are not already Airborne qualified will be assigned a class date to attend Basic Airborne School at Ft. Benning, Georgia prior to reporting to Ft. Bragg.



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